Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My first correspondence

His name was Jason, and he was by all appearances, the kind of guy I would normally be attracted to. He was kind, courteous, gentlemanly and very attractive. From the photos he sent me along with his introductory email (where he proceeded to compliment me not one but more than five times in a single letter), I was immediately intrigued by him. Tall, dark and handsome really didn't do him justice. And he could write, which has always made me swoon.

After reading (and re-reading) his email for a day or so, I told my husband Mark that Jason's letter had caught my eye, and I wanted to respond to him personally. Mark was thrilled. I was excited but still wondering how all of this would play out.

I sat down at the computer to type out my first personal correspondence to another man since I married Mark. The words flowed more easily than I imagined. I told him about our situation - that Mark had wanted me to try this and reluctantly (and now more fervently) I had eventually decided that it could be fun and adventurous. I explained that this was new to me, and that I was certain to have some trepidation about meeting him moving forward but that out of all the emails we had received from Mark's post, his stood out to me. I complimented him on his intelligence, his writing prowess and, of course, on his amazing body.

And what a body it was. From the looks of his photos, Jason was easily over 6 feet and chiseled to perfection. He had large, muscular arms, a well-sculpted tummy and the most delicious looking chest I had ever seen. To top it off, his smile and those deep blue eyes were gorgeous but just mischievous enough to keep a girl like me up at night a little longer than I should be. I was absolutely in lust. I could feel myself starting to come alive as I wrote to him. And I liked it.

I wrote a too long reply to his correspondence, contemplated it over a cup of coffee and hit send. Mark was elated that I hadn't bothered to ask him to read it. That I felt comfortable taking matters into my own hands so to speak. To be honest, I hadn't even considered letter my husband read my response. I was lost in the moment.

And I was happy about that.


  1. You now have the attention of many, I'm sure. Truly looking forward to reading more!

  2. Sound like the beginning of a lot of erotic fun and thrils

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  4. Very intriguing! Good luck and have fun! If you're looking for another distraction from a British gent then get in touch. I'm over in Atlanta every month or so...

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